Sand and Aggregates

Medium Sand

  • Screened, washed and finer than coarse sand
  • Used for mixing mortar
  • Ideal topping sand for pavers and loose-placed slate pathways


  • Small smooth stones approximately 3/8” in size
  • Used in drainage applications
  • Used for decorative rock in side beds and between pavers or stepping stones
  • Will not compact like crushed rock

Navvy Jack

  • Blend of Coarse Sand, 1" Concrete Rock & Torpedo for do-it-yourself concrete

1" Drain Rock

  • Used in drain and septic fields
  • Used in planter box bottoms
  • Popular as decorative rock in gardens and side beds

Coarse Sand

  • C33 Concrete Sand
  • Multi-purpose screened, washed 3/16” minus
  • Used for bedding sand under concrete, pavers or slate pathways
  • Dig it into hard packed topsoil or clay and it will remain pliable and aerated
  • Use a thin layer on recently aerated lawns to promote drainage and aeration

River Rock & Boulders

  • Decorative applications in gardens, water features or stream beds

Blasted Rock

  • Ideal for rock walls, decorative accents, water gardens and marking driveways


Garden Mulch

  • Blend of ground bark and well-aged cow manure
  • Ideal ground cover and garden top-dressing
  • Breaks down within 12 -18 months to a nutrient-rich loamy material

Cedar Chips

  • 2" Minus Cedar Chips (red and yellow)
  • Ideal for playgrounds, pathways, and dog runs

Regular Bark Mulch

  • Unscreened Fir/Hemlock blend, red to dark brown in colour
  • Rustic look for use in larger, less defined garden areas or riding rings

Screened Bark Mulch

  • Fine screened Fir/Hemlock blend
  • Ideal for top dressing garden beds or as ground cover
  • Assists moisture retention and weed suppression

Fine Ground Bark Mulch

  • Fine ground Fir/Hemlock blend
  • Ideal for top dressing garden beds or as ground cover
  • Assists moisture retention and weed suppression

Soil and Soil Amendments

#1 Topsoil

  • Fine screened topsoil blended with washed coarse sand
  • Ideal as a base for new gardens or lawns

Sandy Soil

  • 50/50 blend of #1 Topsoil and coarse sand is an ideal growing medium for new lawns and lawn repair

Special Soil

  • A blend of #1 Topsoil, Cow Manure, Compost and Coarse Sand

Supreme Blend

  • A superb growing medium consisting of Compost, Cow Manure, Peat Moss, Coarse Sand and Crushed Screenings


  • Green waste compost, high in nutrients
  • Ground and screened by Ellice Recycle
  • Aged for a minimum of 90 days
  • A great soil amendment for all garden applications
  • Also for use as a top dressing mulch

Cow Manure

  • Well aged and dewatered, this high nutrient soil amendment will benefit any garden application

Fish Compost

  • A potent & nutrient rich soil amendment  - a little goes a long way